1g Cavi Cone Snoogans 42.9% (I)


Hybrid, flower

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Users report feeling relaxed with this high potency product.

The thick- hitting clouds from Snoogans Infused Preroll by Caviar Gold leaves you feeling relaxed and giggly. This indica cone tastes like diesel with nutty tones and has a pungent skunk scent for the OG’s. More THC, less air! Infused with 98% pure liquid THC, so you get a high dosage of instant relaxation, sedative, and giggly effects.

THC:40% CBD: 11%

Woodsy, Nutty, Diesel

Blackberry OG
Blackberry OG, also known as Black Berry OG, is an Emerald Triangle combination of Black Domina with Very Berry and Last Coast OG Kush. However, many online sources refute this and say the genetics are Blackberry and Afghani or Blackberry with OG Kush. No breeder has stepped forward to claim this genetic combination.


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