1g Cavi Cone Berzerker 39.8% (H)


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Users report feeling relaxed with this high potency product.
Berzerker Infused Cannabis by Caviar Gold is a hybrid bud with sticky, dense consistency and hits smooth as pudding with a delightful birthday cake taste. A quick building fade that sets into the body first is followed by creative, euphoric thoughts. More THC, less air! Infused with 98% pure liquid THC, so you get a high dosage of instant giggly, talkative, and happy effects.

THC:50% CBD: 24%

FLAVOR: Sweet, Vanilla, Birthday Cake
HybridTHC: 9-21.2%
Holy Grail Kush, also called Holy Grail OG, is a cross between two multi-award winners, Kosher Kush and The OG No.18 by Amsterdam’s DNA Genetics.

It’s a high-yield hybrid that was awarded first place, achieving the first ever perfect score, at the 2011 Cannabis Cup for Best Hybrid By a Seed Company.

While renowned for its potency, Holy Grail OG reportedly produces a pleasant, mellow high that is perfect for relaxing, getting creative or getting ready for bed.


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