1.25 TWAX Infused Pre-Rolls Grape Vine


TWAX, pre-rolls, infused, 1.25g

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THC 29.14%


Twax by The Clear™ is an infused pre-rolled joint for the experienced cannabis consumer. We grind full flower to the perfect consistency for the perfect burn. Then, our proprietary infusion process pumps up the potency for the perfect punch, every time. It provides the potency you need, with the smoothness and burnability you expect. Each pre-roll contains dye-free, unbleached papers, 1.25 grams of premium bud, 200mg of AAA Grade grapevine flavored distillate and naturally derived plant terpenes.

The TWAX Pre-roll is perfect for the heavy and daily user who want to add a twist of flavor to their smoke. Unlike many flavored products, TWAX flavors pair great with the original terpenes to give a grape twist to your favorite strains.


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Grape Vine

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