3.5g Horchata Runtz 22.24% (H)


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Horchata is a balanced hybrid marijuana strain. The effects of Horchata are more calming than energizing. Consumers who have smoked this strain tell us it’s a smooth smoke that tastes earthy, floral, and woody. Horchata effects are uplifting and relaxing. Some consumers say this strain makes them extra talkative. Medical marijuana patients choose Horchata to relieve symptoms associated with PTSD and depression. The dominant terpene in this strain is myrcene, with pinene and ocimene as the secondary terpenes. This strain pairs well with evening activities but could also be used for stimulating conversation among friends.



Caryophyllene (pepper), Limonene (citrus), Pinene (pine)

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Horchata Runtz

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