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Farmer’s Daughter is a sativa strain and is a tribute to the next generation of women breeders and growers. Farmer’s Daughter offers a scent spectrum progressing from lemon-lime to more diesel notes. The zippiness of citrus and grapefruit elevates the remarkably fresh flavours of this cultivar. Promising explosive, vigorous growth with towering gigantic buds, Farmer’s Daughter is a sturdy strain with strong branching. Farmer’s Daughter is an ideal smoke for pain relief, energy and elation. Flavor / Taste / Smell: Lemon, Lime, Diesel – Citrus, Grapefruit, Kush – Bursting With Terpenes Effect: Energy Enhancement, Pain Relief, Elation, Loss of Time %THC: 26-30% Characteristics: Explosive, Sturdy Growth, Vigorous, Frosty, Bright Lime Green, Towering, Gigantic



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