1g Concrete Jungle 23.6% (H)


Hybrid, flower

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Concrete Jungle is a hybrid weed strain. This strain is 40% sativa and 60% indica. Concrete Jungle brings together the relaxing qualities of an indica with the uplifting characteristics of a sativa. customers report that Concrete Jungle’s effects include feeling relaxed, euphoric, and focused. This strain is known for its ability to induce a sense of calm while maintaining mental clarity, making it suitable for various activities. Medical marijuana patients often turn to Concrete Jungle when dealing with symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. Its balanced effects offer relief without being overly sedating. Bred by Ethos Genetics, Concrete Jungle features flavors like earthy pine, citrus, and a subtle hint of spice. The dominant terpene of this strain is myrcene, contributing to its calming and soothing effects.




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