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1g, cart, indica

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The future of vaping A revolutionary tech-engineered cartridge. At last, crisp, clean design meets unmatched vaping experience. FLAVOR:Pine, Sweet, Blueberry, Berry EFFECTS:Relaxed, Creative, Happy, Uplifted Terpenes A-Pinene: Naturally Found In: pine, resin, resemary B-Penene: Naturally Found In: pine, rasin, resemary, parsley, dill Valencene: Naturally Found In: Valencia oranges Blue Dream vape cartridge, 1g or .035 ounce, from the Bloom Brand brand offering a hybrid experience of the Blue Dream strain with myrcene terpenes with 81.64% THC with 0.72% CBD.



Alpha-Pinene, D-Limonene, Myrcene

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