Turtle Nectar Collector Kit| 10mm Tip


10mm tip, nectar collector, glassware, dab straw

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Product Information

Nectar Collectors are made specifically for smoking waxes and oils. They are made up of a neck, body, and tip. Nectar Collectors can be made of glass or silicone and the tips can be made of either titanium, quartz or ceramic. At one end is a glass mouthpiece which is where you will be inhaling your vapor from. The neck is detachable so you can easily clean it and also pack it away for traveling. In the middle of the nectar collector is the main body which houses the percolator and where the vapor will travel through to be cooled down and filtered before reaching your mouth. When adding water you want to do it before you attach the neck so water does not get stuck in there. You should add just enough water to the middle chamber so it covers the percolator inside.

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