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– Made from durable, heavy-duty 5mm borosilicate
– Closed system keeps smoke contained and conserves bud
– Platinum-cured silicone grommet protects glass touchpoints
– Sleek design is super easy to clean
– Includes a 19mm Funnel Bowl

The world’s first all-glass gravity bong.

The Large Gravitron® takes the gravity bong out of the dorm room. With this classic design, gravity and pressure work together to give you huge, efficient hits. But unlike homemade grav bongs fashioned from soda bottles and buckets, this sleek glass gravity bong keeps things clean and classy.

Since its original 2004 release (yeah, 2004) the Gravitron has seen major upgrades. This version is made from the highest-quality borosilicate, 5x thicker than before. You’ll feel it in your hand—this baby is chonky.

At the bottom, a platinum-cured silicone grommet protects the bottle where it contacts the base. Up top, a GRAV® 19mm Funnel Bowl is ready for packing. But you can swap out any 19mm male bowl to personalize your setup. And a flange at the top of the neck makes it easy to grip and lift the bottle from the base.

This closed-system design keeps all your smoke contained until you’re ready to blast off, making it an epic bud-saver. Hits are thick and milky with no effort to draw—gravity does all the work.

And when you’re done, the simple design and straight sides make it a breeze to clean.

To use:
– Fill the base about halfway with water.
– Pack the bowl with dry herb and insert it into the joint at the neck of the bottle.
– Light the bowl and lift the bottle at the same time. Don’t lift the bottle all the way out of the water, or you’ll lose your smoke.
– Once the bottle is full of smoke, remove the bowl and place your mouth over the neck, inhaling as you lower the bottle. The Gravitron will give you a dense, pressurized hit with no loss of smoke in the process.

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