4.5″ Drippy Honeybee Nectar Collector | 10mm Tip


10mm tip, nectar collector, glassware, dab straw,

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4.5″ SirEEL Drippy Honeybee Nectar Collector | 10mm Tip | Assorted Colors

Don’t let sticky fingers ruin your buzz. Get the Drippy Honeybee Nectar Collector from LuvBuds! With handblown artistic bees and a 10mm tip, you’ll be buzzing in no time! Features a 10mm K-Clip to keep it all together even if you cant keep it together yourself! Don’t let your honey stash go to waste – buzz on over and order your honeybee nectar collector now to enjoy the sweetest hits!

Due to the unique hand crafted style in which this nectar collector was created each nectar collector will look similar to the nectar collector in the photos but there can be slight artistic variations.

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